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Latest PTE Changes 2021

The most important topic today is regarding the Latest PTE Changes that are about to come in the PTE Exam

But what is going to change in PTE Exam? 

Is there something that will remain the same in PTE Exam?

Is there any change in the PTE exam pattern or PTE exam timings? 

Is the PTE format going to change?

If there is going to be the addition of any new questions in the PTE exam?

Are your score requirements going to change with the changes in the PTE exam?

Will the marking criteria/scoring scales change in the PTE exam?

Will new skills be assessed in a shorter PTE test?

Is there any reduction in PTE charges? 

Are the PTE changes going to be only for a particular country?

Will there be a break in the PTE exam?

Will the previous PTE test results be allowed? 

Is the PTE test going to be more difficult now?

All your questions will be answered ahead of in the blog.

PTE has announced some severe developments in the PTE Academic test and these were announced on 7th September 2021. There are some big changes in the PTE test that will be applicable from 16th November 2021. There are three main changes announced by PTE to ensure that the PTE Academic Exam becomes the most convenient and stress-free English test.


One of the primary changes is that you no longer have to sit for a PTE test of 3 hours as the PTE test duration is being reduced to 2 hours although the PTE exam format or PTE exam pattern is going to stay the same. Interesting! But the question here is how is it possible to take a 3 hours test in 2 hours? The way it will be possible is by reducing the number of questions in the PTE Exam. Some questions from every module are reduced in order to reduce the duration of the PTE Exam.

Let’s dig deeper in here to see how much time in which module is reduced. To begin with, the personal introduction is going to be 1 minute, which is the same as before. Secondly, the Speaking and Writing modules which earlier were of 77-93 minutes, will be reduced to 54-67 minutes. Moreover, the Reading module time is reduced to 30 minutes which earlier used to be 32-41 minutes. Also, the Listening module is going to be 30-43 minutes which means it is reduced by 15-20 minutes.

Another important change in PTE Exam is that the optional break which was earlier given during the PTE Exam will no longer be given to the aspirants sitting for the PTE Exam. But is it really required in a 2 hours PTE test? Well, It should not be. It is pretty easy to go through a 2 hours PTE test without any break. Now you have to think about what you will do for the rest of the time as you will have a lot of free time from the PTE test. So, will you go for a coffee or for a quick episode of your favourite Netflix series? The choice is all yours.


There will be no introduction of any new question type in the PTE exam nor will there be any change in the PTE test format. Also, the scoring criteria and skill assessment is going to stay the same. However, the number of questions that used to appear for each question type is no longer going to be the same.

  • Speaking Module: In Speaking Module, the Describing Images questions are reduced to 3-4, and the number of questions in Retell Lecture will be only 1-2, also, the Answer Short Question is reduced from 10-12 to 5-6 questions. While the number of questions in Read Aloud and Repeat Sentences will stay the same


  • Writing Module: In Writing Module, the number of Summarise Written Text questions is decreased from 2-3 to 1-2. In contrast, the number of Essays will stay the same i.e, 1-2 questions.

  • Reading Module: In Reading Module, the number of questions is going to change for Multiple Choice Questions, both Single Answers, and Multiple Answers. Both the MCQ(SA) and MCQ(MA) are not going to be reduced to 1-2 questions for each question type. While-Reading Blanks will increase to 4-5 questions. On the other hand, the number of questions is going to stay the same for Reading and Writing Blanks, and Reorder paragraphs.

  • Listening Module: In Listening Module, Summarise Spoken Text, Multiple Choice Questions Single Answers, Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Answers,  Highlight Correct Summary, Select Missing Word types of questions will be reduced to 1-2 questions each. While, the number of  Fill in the Blanks, Highlight Incorrect Word, Write from Dictation questions will stay the same.


Your PTE Academic score report is no longer going to be the same now, there will be some additional changes in it that will make it a more personalized ‘’skill profile’’ in addition to the four modules score. 

Therefore, the enabling skills given at the bottom of your PTE score will not appear anymore. Interesting! 

Many of us don’t even pay attention to them, but they are important to analyse your performance. However, they could be stressful for some. This doesn’t mean that you will not get feedback, instead, you will get personalized feedback from PTE now.

Is it going to be beneficial?  

Yes, for sure it will be. Additional personalized feedback will help you to improve more efficiently and quickly. It will also contain valuable suggestions that will help you improve on the areas you are lacking to achieve your desired score.


Another breathtaking change is the opportunity to take the PTE exam at home. This is the change that most students were waiting for especially during this pandemic time, and it is here. Now you can sit for the PTE Academic Online exam from the comfort of your home, on your computer with the same accuracy, security, and ease. Now you no longer need to take permission to travel to the PTE exam centre under the COVID restrictions, nor do you have to sit among the crowd while giving your test, instead, you have an opportunity to do it all from your home with safety, peace, calmness, and concentration. All of your worries are about to come to an end. Such a relief!

However, nothing comes without a price, the availability of taking a PTE exam from home depends upon the availability of your institution and your country. Also, not every Institute or University will accept a PTE test taken at home.

How great it would be if you could save some money and PTE could reduce the PTE exam fee. Sorry to break your hopes but there is no reduction or increase in the PTE exam charges, i.e, the charges for the PTE exam are going to stay the same. The above-mentioned changes apply to every country and are not targeted to a particular country. As far as the previous PTE results are concerned they will be valid up to the date mentioned on the score report.

Now you must be wondering whether these PTE changes are good or bad?

Well, there is more information yet to come from PTE that will clarify whether the latest PTE changes in PTE Academic are good or bad for the test-takers, and all that will be updated here at International English Guru’s website. So, stay updated on every topic regarding PTE with us. If you need any assistance with the preparation; register with us for free. International English Guru’s PTE Online Course is comprehensive, up to date, and customised according to the new changes in the PTE test that prepares you well for every new update in the PTE exam. No matter if you take the PTE test before 16th November or after, we can help you clear the PTE exam. Here you will get the best guidance, best study material, fastest results, one on one teacher guidance that all from the comfort of your home. 

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